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Get a hit! Stand above the competition!
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hen it comes to getting an interview or booking a gig, the way you present yourself on paper is of utmost importance!

We will provide you:

    • A fully featured Electronic Press Kit EPK
    • A graphic designed Resume


  1. What is an EPK? What does it contain?
  2. An Electronic Press Kit is an artist resume that reflects your personality. It features your biography, professional photos, your logo and your achievements.

    It may also feature your radio shows, podcasts, DJ drops and a press section with media if you’ve been interviewed by a magazine.

    And the most important, it features your videos that allow you to express your personality and show the promoter who you are. Finally, your EPK features your contact information and social media that you always keep updated.

  3. Why do I need an EPK?
  4. Having a designed EPK can benefit artists like you as it makes a great impression to your recruiters! You can send it to anyone you’re interested in working with!

    And most important, lots of recruiters, venues, promoters or magazines always ask for a Press Kit to review!

    Your EPK is your branding and creates an image of you as an artist! You don’t have a Press Kit? Then you don’t have an artist identity!

  5. What type of EPK?


    A clear and modern resume is the key for making a good impression to whom that don’t know you yet!

    Showcase your achievements, talk about your goals and enhance your skills to your recruiters!

    Our experts will provide you a professional resume that will match your personality and make an impact!